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Advertisers - Capture Your Ideal Consumer!

Our bulging network of Affiliate sites and lead sources makes sure that you get a consistent stream of online insurance shoppers who’ll find your services through our platform. A good number of our lead sources will channel direct customers straight to one of our in-house owned domains, while others may choose to display our product-based lead forms on-site. We keenly screen the publishing network to guarantee the highest traffic standards.

Our state and product specific search element filters shoppers so that only those who are really relevant and interested get to fill out the lead forms and pass across to your conversion funnel. All visitors to our publishing sites network must select a product type and specify a home state before they can make any other engagements on the platform. This way, you only get to advertise to the right ‘crowd’, from the right ‘states’.

Insurance buyers visit dozens of websites and lead sources in our extensive insurance targeted affiliate network and then give us a green light on what type of insurance they do need, and where it is that they live. With our sophisticated platform technology, we consequently get to show only those listings, and then lead forms that apply to the consumer’s context, based on what the advertiser specified.

When a prospect fills out this form (customised with your brand), he/she is channeled to your conversion process where they may choose to buy out-rightly, request an online quote or have you contact them by phone to close the deal.

We Engage Consumers Who Intend To Buy.

⇔ Bala wants to buy car insurance and does a search online. He clicks on one of the websites in our publishing network, which receives a lot of visitors with intent to purchase car insurance. 

⇔ Bala views our listings, makes his choice of provider(s) and completes a short consumer interview (he fills out an optimized lead form and answers questions about himself and what he's looking for). This confirms what type of consumer he is! 

⇔ Based on Bala's choices and answers in the interview, we match him with the appropriate advertiser (you!) 

⇔ Bingo! You've been connected with the consumer you want. Bala is happy that he now has car insurance. You and Bala both win.

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