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Our Company

When you advertise with us, you practically get more and more customers. As a publisher, KeyVerticals delivers optimum value to your company. We take pride in the fact that we are effectively able to connect our advertisers with the customers they need. And that is not all – we also have a great search service that affiliates can use on their sites to help prospects find the right supplier to meet their needs. The result of all this – a happy customer, a highly-paid affiliate and a satisfied advertiser!

Our organization operates by placing highly-targeted listings and lead forms across a network (proprietary) that is composed of individually-owned websites and an actively monitored, selective partner network. Each lead form is displayed in an engaging and spectacular fashion after the consumer has actually identified their interest to evaluate suppliers (providers). Our solution lies in the ability to effectively match each consumer with an active interest, and then connect them to advertisers that can service their immediate desire so that they may go ahead and request quotes and/or compare rates.

The Key Verticals team does all this by allowing advertisers on our platform to showcase their products at the juncture where the user is evaluating his/her provider alternatives. This way, only consumers who have already connected to your specific proposition and brand will pass on to your conversion funnel.

KeyVerticals currently leads the industry in Nigeria as the best 'performance marketing' platform for Insurance.


How KeyVerticals Works

An ultra-targeted PPL (pay per lead) ad network, KeyVerticals delivers high-intent, specifically targeted leads from our proprietary traffic network.

The leads are collected from this site and our website properties such as insurancequotes.ng, einsurance.com.ng along with other lead sources and our proprietary traffic partner network.

Our partner network is highly selective, and we have a requirement that our traffic partners must deliver a persistent level of lead quality that meets the highest expected standards. For partners that diligently meet our stringent criteria, we provide industry pioneering payouts that help grow the partner’s revenue per visitor.

Highly engaging listings, followed by branded lead forms are essentially displayed after a zip code submit field, or a state drop-down menu.


1. State (location) and product type selection:




2. Display of highly targeted listings after customer indicates interest:



3. Relevant lead form is displayed upon choosing a provider.



Our Reporting Platform

We provide comprehensive online reporting for both traffic partners and advertisers. Updates on our reporting interface are made in real time, 24/7. This reporting platform has been progressively enhanced since the Key Verticals Platform was launched, and we go on to make more and more necessary improvements based partially on user feedback gathered from our traffic partners and PPL Advertisers.

KeyVerticals provides online reporting of the following items for Advertisers

  • Leads
  • Total views by category (lead form views)
  • Average cost per lead (CPL)
  • Conversions (optional)
  • Ad budget / Current balance

For Traffic Partners (Affiliates), we Offer reporting of:

  • Total views
  • Leads / Conversions
  • Average earnings per Lead (EPL)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue

For any Traffic Partner or Advertiser who's approved to run multiple categories, our platform offers capabilities to report performance-by-product (e.g. life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, etc.)

Data Reporting

Data in our online reporting facility may be exported into CSV for integrating into 3rd party reporting systems.  For bigger advertisers and/or traffic partners, we can flex our programming to offer custom reporting feeds into your user back-end panel.

The growing network of lead sources and affiliate websites working with us will only ensure a consistent stream of online buyers who are bound to find you. Some of these affiliates/publishers will forward customers direct to one of our in-house owned domains, while others may opt to showcase our listings on-site. KeyVerticals keenly monitors our publisher network to ensure that the highest quality of traffic is the case.

Highly Focused Source for Quality Consumer Traffic

Our product specific lead forms makes sure that you are exposed to qualified shoppers before they even see your product. The visitors to our websites network need to ‘act’ by choosing their preferred product type and state (by specifying state of residence) before they can even view our listings. This way, we target your advertising to only those customers who need your products, and in the states where you have a business presence.

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