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FAQs For Advertisers

  1. What is KeyVerticals?
  2. Why would I want to generate Leads via this platform?
  3. How does KeyVerticals work?
  4. How am I Charged?
  5. What is the price Plan? How much will it cost?
  6. What is the possibility of fraudulent activities from your affiliates?
  7. How much traffic can I expect?
  8. Can I control my Expenditure?
  9. Do I need a website to advertise on KeyVerticals?
  10. Am I forced to advertise for a specific minimum length of time?
  11. Do you have a support team for my questions?



What is KeyVerticals?

KeyVerticals is a vertical based digital Insurance Pay Per Lead ad marketplace that boasts of a highly targeted advertising mostly concentrated on the insurance industry, but also includes other upcoming verticals. Key Verticals customers enjoy huge discounts while our advertisers easily select product categories of interest, and states in which they do business for particularly targeted consumers.

Why would I want to generate Leads via this platform?

Since it’s going to be generating you high-intent, targeted leads that result in sales. Throughout our diverse network of publisher websites, lead sources and multiple, high-value in-house domains, your product/service appears to a large portion of the targeted consumer community that’s in for insurance shopping.

How does KeyVerticals work?

For Insurance Customers: You enjoy lots of personalised insurance services together with discounts from our "A Grade" partner insurance companies. Begin with a FREE quote here.

For Underwriters: To start with, you have to choose the type of product that you need to market (auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, business insurance, etc.) and/or the states where you extend your services (operate in) and then create an account through the accounts management portal at www.KeyVerticals.com. Key Verticals is a vertical based digital advertising company operating and managing an aggregate style branded listings which means you get to share space with other advertisers looking to accumulate leads for the same product or category. Upon sign up, a dedicated Key Verticals representative with reach out to you with further information on how we can work together.

How am I Charged?

You can choose to prefund your advertising account (via cheques to KeyVerticals, direct deposits etc) and the bill for each lead is charged from your account balance according to your bids on the platform (if you decide to go for a cost per lead model). Your ad will pause if at all your balance gets exhausted, so you never get to pay more than you had planned for. Another option is to go for a cost per sale model in which a cumulative post pay is applied at the end of an agreed period for every sale generated via the platform.

What is the price Plan? How much will it cost?

We have two models: the ‘pay-per-lead’ and the 'pay-per-sale' model. The 'pay-per-lead' model means that you only get to pay when a prospect chooses you as the preferred provider. The charge is placed on each full ‘lead’ and not just on the ‘click’. The minimal bid amount depends on the type of product you want to promote, and may range from as low as N400 to as much as N4000. Bid spots are in N50 increments and two or more bidders cannot have the same bid amount. We have a bid gap feature that calculates your lead charges at N50 more than the second bidder, irrespective of your specified bid amount. The 'pay-per-sale' model on the other hand would require an understanding between both parties that will ensure an agreed charge is placed for every completed sales transaction. The 'pay-per-sale' model may also entail that the Key Verticals Admin gets to run and manage the Advertiser's dashboard on behalf of the advertiser.

What is the possibility of fraudulent activities from your affiliates?

We understand that this is major concern that must be addressed by any advertising portal that employs a network of publishing websites and lead sources. Although we can’t offer any fraud-free guarantee, we have put in place extreme measures to prevent any chances of this happening. Traffic emanating from publisher websites and lead sources is keenly monitored and affiliates suspected to engage in fraudulent activities are immediately ejected from our community. We are of the perception that the steps and technological measures implemented to prevent this will maintain the quality of traffic directed to our advertisers at the help of the PPL industry.

How much traffic can I expect?

The volume of traffic you get via the lead forms is dependent on the type and number of listings showing on our bridge pages and ultimately on your bid prices. The higher you are placed on the listings, the higher your traffic levels. You may communicate with us directly for more info on current expectations of traffic based on your particular products and advertising plan.

Can I control my Expenditure?

Yes. You may pause your ad(s) anytime at your convenience. You can also control your spending by preloading to your account balance only with what you intend to pay up for a specific duration of time. Once your money gets spent up, your ads will automatically pause.

Do I need a website to advertise on KeyVerticals?

No. We have highly customized lead forms and that will be all you need to get leads. These flexible lead forms will allow you to see the complete personal and contact details of all your prospective customers at a glance. We advice seting aside a standby team to pick up these leads and convert them into paying customers as they accumulate. The technology at KeyVerticals does all the hardwork for you! All you need do is finish up the deal in each instance.

Am I forced to advertise for a specific minimum length of time?

No. You may advertise and stop on a come-go-basis. We do not impose contracts or minimum expenditures.

Do you have a support team for my questions?

Yes. We have a highly reliable, helpful support staff on standby. Once your ad account is live, we assign you a personal account manager who’s responsible for servicing your information and support needs. This account manager will be available by phone and email during regular working hours. Call (234) 8167060693, ( 234) 9036152564 or ( 234) 8080369352 and ask for advertising support (8am - 5pm CAT M-F).