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Affiliates - We Make You More Money Period!

The KeyVerticals Publisher Program provides affiliates with the best monetization platform for those who can provide top quality leads across a variety of verticals such as Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance etc. Ideally, the platform is an opportunity for these publishers to build on their revenues simply by integrating the KeyVerticals PPL/PPS advertising lead forms to their site.

KeyVerticals is an industry leading pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale ad network covering various niches in the insurance vertical. Currently, KeyVerticals boasts one of the best cost per lead (CPL) rates and affiliates.

Our prime network of publishers is built on our own websites and top online resource websites. On top of our in-house assets, we collaborate with a number of leading insurance focused sites and affiliates. Since we are deliberate and keenly selective about the structure and inner workings of our publisher network, we comfortably distribute our PPL advertising without losing the quality of our network in the process.

We’ll Connect You with Big-Name Advertisers.

⇔ For conversion to materialize, you need nothing more than a ‘lead’, or a filled quote request form. Instant sales are often not required to build your revenue and we take pride in the fact that we realize the highest possible payouts via a tiered payout timetable. The more high quality traffic you can send to us, the higher your revenue share.

⇔ High rates of conversion given that payouts are mostly on the ‘lead’. Our technology will change the way you get customers. We’re always here to assist you. Key Verticals platform is so user-friendly you will most likely not be needing any help with getting setup.

⇔ Unparalleled payouts and prompt payment of commissions via direct deposit.

⇔ Real-time publisher reporting (updated in real time) – by category and by state with earnings per lead (EPLs). By seeing exactly how much money you’re making in real time, you can quickly determine if you could take your family on an exquisite all day boat cruise or to the Mountain Resort at Obudu!

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